Oak Low Cut Table

Low tables of an oak saw cut are handmade as their overall dimensions and weight do not assume the use of the industrial equipment. DSC_7403_

Design of cracks can be different: they can be opened, filled with the color or shining pitch or solid wax.




Especially effectively low table looks at the night:


The initial weight of products is 140 kg, for simplification of a design we cut out an internal part of a table and now they weigh less than 70 kg. But it was still much therefore for convenience of movement the hidden wheels are built in the lower part of a cover.


Overall dimensions of products:

Diameter: 860-900 mm.

Height: 420 mm.


  • Олег  

    Цена без привода только на колёсах

  • Галина  

    без заливки нечем.

  • Галина  

    да. только на колесах.

  • иван  

    добрый день, можно сделать меньше диаметр? и какая цена? спасибо

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