Furniture of Geometree in the telecast «Housing matter” (air of 14.05.2016). “Bedroom at Falls” project.

This soft and cozy interior is created by the talented architect from Minsk Evgenia Lykasova. We made all wooden furniture parts of an interior.



The highlight of the project is the “Iguasu” panel.


“Iguasu” is the improvised falls, or as it is also called – the river, represented special difficulty for realization.


It was a difficult task to repeat design bends of river banks, combining them with colored glass and mirrors. However we adequately coped with an objective and “Iguasu” became the real “highlight” of the project.


The system of sliding facades.

The system consists of three independent doors moving on guides of suspended type. The left part from the Tropical Mosaic collection, represents the multidirectional blocks of lamels of an oak symbolizing a kaleidoscope of palm branches. At the expense of cuts between all lamels the feeling of space remains.


The middle part of the system represents the rectangular oak door made of wide oak lamels. The right edge of this shutter with the kept natural edge, so-called “slab” – gives to an interior unique beauty of natural wood. To designate transition of a middle part to right part, the sap-wood part is left (a narrow white strip on all right edge of the middle shutter).

The right part is also made from squared wide oak lamels. All products are processed by natural color oil, finishing the eco-friendly concept of our products.


Console table from the furniture collection ” Loft “

The console table is made of the massif of an oak covered with oil and leans on the metal frame of black color which is built in in a wall. In a side part there is a sliding drawer for cosmetic accessories.Under it the sliding table “hides”. It also has in a basis an ultraopaque metal frame of black color. The table-top is made of the massif of an oak and covered with oil.

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Screens for radiators.

The left and right screen are made of the veneered MDF covered with oil in order to avoid deformation of a massive design. The middle screen of “tropical mosaic” collections supports the concept of “palm leaves”. It is made from multidirectional blocks of oak lamels on the system of suspended facades.


Window sills and slopes.

They are made of veneered MDF and are tinted in saturated white color as well as an engineering board on a floor Woodberry “White Sails” . For the correct convection of warm air special deflectors are cut in window sills that does not interfere with heat exchange and protects a window sill surface from overheating.



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