Evgenia Lykasova’s Murproject


The Scandinavian style in the excellent execution of the talented architect from Minsk — Evgenia Lykasova for Nikolay and Svetlana — young and interesting couple. Easily, comfortably and most naturally, — there are the characteristic features of this remarkable project in which we took considerable part.


The furniture for dining room, work area, bedroom, etc. we made according to Evgenia’s drawings. The work area in the living room became the most interesting place in the apartment.


The folding oak table became a subject of special love of the owners.


Transparent wooden partition in the kitchen is an interesting way to separate the kitchen from the living room without loss of feeling of space._1980421


Numerous oak shelves with the hidden system of fastening also became a decoration of an interior.


The wardrobe room of the massif of an oak, as well as the majority of wooden details of an interior, pleases the friendly owners.


For the bathroom, the dresser in combined finishings was made ( which probably was to the taste to a master’s cat ).


And it is not the end yet. To be continued …


  • Anna  

    Добрый день! Скажите, пожалуйста, стоимость такой гардеробной, размеры 190*200 h-270
    И шкафы за кроватью тоже Вы делали?

    • admin  

      Добрый день. Все делали мы. По всем вопросам лучше обращаться на почту geometree@yandex.ru

  • Anna  

    Не перестаю восхищаться всей квартирой, и то как все продумано! Супер!!!

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