Modern TV-stand

The TV-stand is traditionally made of the massif of an oak. The modern design and changeable dimensions, allow optimal disposition of the product in an interior.

Overall dimensions:

  • Length: 2000-2600 mm
  • Width: 540 mm
  • Height: 540 mm

The framework can be also made in black. Also, it can be made right-side and left-side.

Also, it can be made right-side and left-side.

of a wooden part are decorated with the rarest handmade oak panels.

The wooden part is made independently on glass support that allows moving apart from the stand on length up to 600 mm. Only natural materials are used in the product: tree, glass, metal, and finishing by a natural oil finish the ecological concept.

The drawers are equipped with the system of easy opening by pressing.

Corners of the drawers and the framework, in places of their adjunction, are cut off at an angle of 45 degrees that gives solidity of a middle part of the stand.

Edges of a frame part are also cut off under 45 degrees that adds ease and “geometricity” to the whole design.


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