Du-Verdon console

The console table of Du-Verdon is the development of our collection of unique drawings of nature. The product was created in the spirit of “bright restraint”, two incompatible things: on light, transparent legs made of high cleaning glass has placed the console with the “brutal” facades of correct rectangular shape.


The combination of decorative processings, in conjunction with a final covering with natural oil, allowed us to receive the interesting color of a product, with maintaining the natural texture of an oak.


The construction is equipped with two drawers with a function of moving out by pressing that allowed to avoid excess accessories on product facades.


Facades of the product are cut off at an angle and placed “a flush” with a front edge of a product that allowed to get rid of excess edges and ledges.


Overall dimensions of a product:

Length: 1700 mm.

Depth: 450 mm.

Height: 850 mm.


  • Татьяна  

    Добрый день! А возможно ли изготовление консоли метр длиной? Какая стоимость получится и сколько доставка до Москвы? Спасибо!

    • admin  

      Здравствуйте, стоимость консоли, длиной 1000 мм составит 75000rur,стоимость доставки 9000 rur

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