Anthracite Dresser

We made a solid oak dresser with sliding drawers. Pay attention to framework joints — they are made with joining of 45 degrees between side panels and a corner in 30 degrees on front edges.


The integral oak lamel passes through sidewalls of the dresser.


And, of course, the facades deserve special attention. They are made from our trade-marked oak lamels of the cracked oak, and the combination of various processings allowed to reach the effect of the brilliant charred surface.


The drawers move forward by pressing, opening two capacious boxes for things. Adjustable metal support with unusual arrangement form the basis. Front supports are placed more widely than back ones.

Overall dimensions of a product:

Height is 900 mm.

Width is 1200 mm.

Depth is 400 mm.

Для дизайнеров мы можем выслать необходимые рендеры для использования в готовящихся интерьерах.


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  • Oльга  

    Очень интересует цена комодов “Антрацит” и “Неоклассика”, а также имеются ли они в наличии или их нужно заказывать (спрашиваю, так как живу не в Минске).

    Заранее благодарна за ответ.

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